Paying Tuition and Fees

The year is divided roughly into three semesters: fall, winter/spring & summer. Students have a choice of lesson length.  Three options are available: 30–, 45– or 60–minute lessons. The corresponding fee for each length is $50, $75, and $90. All lessons may be taken weekly, bi-weekly or occasionally. Payable by cash, check, credit card or PayPal, invoices will be emailed and/or mailed to each student/family, according to preference. Invoices will detail the lessons, fees, expenses, and/or credits.

If a tuition or studio fee payment is not received by the 15th of the month when an invoice is issued, a $5 overdue fee will be added. If more than one invoice goes unpaid, lessons will be suspended until the balance is paid.

Studio Fees

All students taking more than three lessons in any semester pay a studio fee which is due the first lesson of the semester. The studio fee in fall and winter/spring is $75 each semester which pays for the time spent on administrative work (phone calls, emails, copying music, writing letters of recommendation, repertoire; program development, setting and RESETTING the schedule) and business expenses (purchasing music, vocal journals, pedagogy advancement, and recording equipment upgrade).

Technology Fee

Blank CDs will be provided at the studio for $15 per year, which will be due at the beginning of the school year. A student may opt to bring his/her own CD’s, either by bringing in a stack of them or at each lesson. However, if the student forgets to bring a CD, I will not provide a blank one, and the lesson will not be recorded.

Students may opt to record their lessons on their own digital devices. I encourage students to record lessons in any way that will help them practice effectively.


Recital Fees

Assuming the student is musically prepared and has been taking regular voice lessons (at least twice a month) all students have the option to sing in the winter and/or spring recitals. The fee to sing a solo and other songs in the recital is $100 per recital. The recital fee covers the cost of renting the venue and the accompanist's fee ($50 per singer) for rehearsal and performance. It also helps reduce the administrative costs associated with planning the program, running the dress rehearsal, organizing the repertoire, setting up and taking down of equipment the day of the recital, copying the music for the accompanist and singers, and printing costs of music and programs. A full refund will be issued to any students who have scheduling conflicts with a given recital date.